Our four-year-old daughter, Moira, was born with a rare, poorly understood, degenerative condition, an experience which rocked our very foundation and tested us emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially. As a result of her diagnosis, we quickly amassed a network of five in-home coordinators and therapists and eleven medical specialists. Because caring for Moira demanded my full-time involvement, I transitioned away from my academic career, and our family moved to Greensboro, where my husband had been commuting. Shortly after our move, Moira was hospitalized with pneumonia at Moses Cone. When the floor nurses realized that we were so new to the area that we had yet to even establish a pediatrician for Moira, they sat us down to tell us about the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association (GCPA) Infant Toddler Program. We are so thankful they did.

I wept as I heard about GCPA and understood what it would mean for Moira and our family. We learned that GCPA, housed at Gateway Education Center, provides a low-cost to free, therapeutic day program that serves children from birth to three years of age who have been diagnosed with developmental delays and other complex medical issues. We were impressed that the program’s key components included early intervention therapies, as well as workshops and in-home training for caregivers. Three years later, Moira is now a GCPA graduate, and we could not be more proud of the progress she achieved surrounded by GCPA’s supportive and nurturing community. Moira’s primary medical specialist is thrilled with her development too, and she credits her enrollment in the infant toddler program as the most significant factor in her improvement.

For more than 65 years, Guilford County children like Moira, along with their families, have benefited from the services provided by GCPA, and they depend on your generous donations for highly trained therapists, experienced teachers, and specialized equipment. I hope that you will join me in supporting our program, as your gift provides hope for all children in our care.

Dania M. Ermentrout

Annual Fund Chair