Infant-Toddler Early Intervention Program Criteria

At the time of admission, any child whom we admit to our Infant-Toddler program for on-site service at Gateway.

  1. Will be younger than age two, absent special circumstances.
  2. Will meet the eligibility criteria established by the State of North Carolina for one or more of the following categories of infant/toddler programs:
    > Developmental Delay
    > Established Condition (a medically diagnosed condition which has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay)
  3.  Will, in the opinion of our professional staff, require classroom service, parental training and support, and at least two of the three therapy services we provide (physical, occupational, and speech) in addition to whatever services he/she is receiving elsewhere, and
  4. Cannot, in their opinion, be adequately served by other local programs alone.
  5. Will have received a consensus determination from our professional staff
    > That admission to our program is both appropriate for the child and consistent with our desire to serve only those children with the most involved disabilities, and
    > That our early intervention services will likely result in a measurable, favorable impact on that child’s ability to reach and maintain his or her potential
    > The professional staff performing this evaluation will include the program assistant, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and at least two teachers.  The evaluation will include, among other things, a complete review of medical and other relevant records, an interview with the parents, and an observation of the child.
  6. Will be able to get to and from Gateway Education Center without our assistance and will have committed to regular attendance.
  7. May or may not have private insurance and may or may not have Medicaid.
  8. Will be a resident of Guilford County and, if being considered for admission together with a similarly situated child, only one of whom is a resident of Greensboro, will be the one from Greensboro.
  9. Will have been approved for admission by our Executive Director.

NOTE:  Once admitted, a child may continue in the Infant-Toddler Program until age three unless, in the opinion of our Program Director, following consultation with the parent(s) or guardian and our professional staff, it has become inappropriate for the child to do so.