An important part of our mission is to supply hope. We often see what seem like miracles.

It is not unusual for infants and toddlers in our program – who have been diagnosed as severely delayed in their physical and/or cognitive development – to learn to walk, talk, self-feed, and interact with others at levels his or her parents had hardly dreamed possible.

For these children, an early and intensive application of appropriate therapies can make an immense difference in their development.

Services Offered

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Caregiver Workshops
  • Caregiver In-Home Training

The Infant-Toddler Program

The Infant-Toddler program provides early intervention for multi-disabled infants and toddlers with severe developmental delays, aged birth to three. The program, housed in Greensboro’s Gateway Education Center, and conducted in partnership with the Guilford County Schools, offers cognitive, physical, occupational, and speech therapies. The program operates in four classrooms, seven hours per day, five days per week, during the school year.

We work with each child and caregiver to set appropriate developmental goals. Because of the dedication and experience of our staff, the frequency with which their interactions with the children happen, and the opportunity for constant collaboration among a child’s caregiver, therapists, classroom lead, and assistants, we are often successful beyond the children’s and their caregivers’ best hopes.

To be accepted into our program, a child must have been medically diagnosed with either a severe developmental delay or a condition highly probable of resulting in such a delay. The child must (in the opinion of the consulting professionals) require cognitive intervention, parental training and support, and the intensive application of at least two of physical, occupational, or speech therapies in addition to whatever services are available elsewhere in the community.  Further, there must be a staff determination that our early intervention services will likely result in a measurable, favorable impact on that child’s ability to reach and maintain his or her potential.

Our children typically come by referrals from area hospitals and medical professionals who know us by our reputation and experience.

For more information about enrollment and our fees, please contact Taylor Swink at (336) 375-2575 or at Also, be sure to review our programs admission criteria.

Beyond the GCPA Infant-Toddler Program – Gateway Education Center

Gateway Education Center is a Guilford County Schools facility. It serves a severely developmentally delayed student population aged three to twenty one composed of students whose disabilities make placement in a regular school setting inappropriate.

At age three, our children become the educational responsibility of the Guilford County Schools.  Just before age three, they are evaluated based on nationally standardized tests. Their parents/caregivers, in consultation with our professional staff and that of the Guilford County Schools, determine an Individual Education Plan for each.   Some will move into a regular pre-kindergarten classroom; some will remain at Gateway Education Center in its preschool program.