What is GCPA?

GCPA is an organization dedicated to giving families and their children hope when facing disabilities.

Beginning in 1950, GCPA was created to ensure that younger children are serviced as soon as possible to increase their development and mobility within the future. With dedicated staff, therapists, and administrators, GCPA goes the extra mile to ensure that children and their families are equipped to support their children and foster a progressive environment for development.

Throughout the school year and summer, GCPA continues to provide quality services for children with disabilities. This includes:

    • Speech, physical, occupational, and feeding therapies are available to our children five days a week.
    • On each of those days, our infants and toddlers receive cognitive therapy and social stimulation in our classrooms.
    • Assisting in areas of grief, community access, and action plans related to an infant-toddler’s presenting disabilities.
    • Classroom leads, assistants, and certified therapists provide parent education and healthcare support in the areas of feeding and play therapy.
    • Providing home visits from our qualified therapists that are catered to the needs of the family.